Three Times (Taiwan, 2005)

It’s great to see that challenging arthouse is still around (are there any British arthouse films where the pacing is slow and the narratives require committments from viewers?). This stays in the mind (maybe cos little happens events get burned into the head) and the 2nd section is particularly haunting (partly due to the fabulous Keith Jarrett-like piano score). It you’re into challenging cinema then Hsiao-hsien Hou‘ films should be seen. (Cubby Broccoli)

One Response

  1. I was reminded of Godard with the flirting around the billiards table (Vivre sa vie) in the first episode and also the sudden jumps in sound from inside the apartment block to the street outside in the third film. Acquarello (Strictly Film School) places Hou Hsaio-hsien in his Neo-realism list. I think he might be right. (

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