Alexander (US, 2004)

An expensive Hollywood movie that flopped probably because of the (relative) complexity of its narrative. In addition, Alexander’s not a straightforwardly heroic figure which would put off gung-ho adherants. The lines about Alexander invading countries that his father didn’t suggests a Bush analogy; however Alex is more concerned about unifying the world than subjugating it. This, too, wouldn’t play well with many in America.

Although it is a Hollywood film, financially it’s a co-production (France-US-UK-Germany-Netherlands). It amazes me, as with Kingdom of Heaven, and others, that the money was put up in the first place. Presumably the massive success of DVD has meant even complex would-be blockbusters can make money worldwide.

A fascinating, if flawed, film. Unlike U Turn, Stone does reign in his pyrotechnic tendencies and offers and intelligent retelling of an extraordinary tale. A very long film that doesn’t lag. (DVD)


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