Syriana (US, 2005)

Blimey this is a puzzler. A movie that makes you work hard to keep up but is still confusing (and I doubt that those without some knowledge of ‘oil politics’ would have a clue) and makes the situation re the oil and the Middle East clearer. Helluva achievement. It also throws in a convincing explanation for suicide bombers (ie they are created by economic not religious reasons). Cracking performances; edgy (handheld much of the time) direction; the writer of Traffic has created another fabulous political film. (DVD)

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  1. […] Central to the film’s success is, of course, Clooney’s widely-feted performance. I’ve long admired Clooney, not only a fine actor, but because he also makes many interesting films. In some ways, when for example compared to the corporate malfeasance in Michael Clayton, The Descendents is slight. It’s focus is on the dynamics of family life headed by the ‘back up’ parent (Clooney) in the absence of the mother. Nevertheless, the melodrama of family relations is as important as revealing corruption in business and political life (see Syriana). […]

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