Children of Men (UK, 2006)

This is a stunning movie both in content and formally. Set in 2027 Britain is an amalgam of all that’s bad in the world now (images of Abu Ghraib; Palestine wall etc and persecution of immigrants) shot in handheld long takes that are dazzling in their virtuosity. A brilliantly created dystopia with an extremely powerful scene where a baby’s crying momentarily stops a conflagration. The Christian imagery is worn (fairly) lightly but the film’s not religious; the religion is used as part of western myth. Director Cuaron is a major talent.

Probably the best film of 2006. (Pictureville)


2 Responses

  1. […] variant on her ‘brittle housewife’ persona. I’d put this film up there with Children of Men (2006) as being amongst the best SF movies ever […]

  2. […] I’m an admirer of director (and co-scriptwriter) Alfonso Cuaron: his Y tu mama tambien and Children of Men  are amongst my favourite films of this century. His trademark long takes are breathtakingly […]

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