Kill Bill vol 1 (US, 2003)

Tarantino is what many think indie cinema is now; well to a point.

This is a great take on manga. The dialogue, whilst still laden with referentiality, is less obviously witty than in his earlier movies but the mise en scene is gorgeous (and I’m not simply referring to Uma Thurman).

And yet there’s more to cinema than referring to other films. (OAR, 2)


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  1. For me Tarantino has run out of steam, I thought that Reservoir Dogs was okay, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown were great but this was too much, Kill Bill was self indulgent and Death Proof was plain boring. Tarantino needs to be tamed, his good films are produced with a limited budget. With Kill Bill and Grindhouse it proves that when Tarantino has too much money he will take his camera and crawl up his own backside.

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