The Brothers Grimm (UK / Czech Republic / USA, 2005)

Never really hung together. Couldn’t seem to decide whether to go for comedy or horror. Should’ve gone for the former but I guess Python-comedy is dated (it’s directed by Gilliam). Some nice sets. (OAR).

2 Responses

  1. I was disappointed by the narrative, irritating performance from Peter Stormare, and awful CGI here. However, Gilliam’s a blummin’ artist when it comes to fairytale forests. That said, have you seen Tideland? Probably the most depressing film ever made. Everyone involved in its production should be lynched.

    Oh, and you won’t thank me for this, sir. But there’s a bit of a grammatical error in the title of this blog.

  2. Thank you for the correction of the deliberate mistake to see if anyone has been reading it. No, I haven’t seen it but I’m looking forward it.

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