The Dark Knight (US, 2008)

Interrogating evil

Interrogating evil

It’s heartening that the year’s big movie is going to be such a thoughtful film. Of course that doesn’t mean the millions of people who’ve seen the film have necessarily thought about it but at least it raises interesting questions compared to, say, last year’s Transformers which, despite some witty dialogue, merely painted by (American) numbers. The Dark Knight is an event movie on a number of counts: enormous hype built, partly, around Heath Ledger’s death; the immense box office (currently 2nd biggest non-adjusted at the North American box office); two and a half hours of superb blockbuster cinema.

The highlight for me was the ‘stand-off’ between the ferries; it doesn’t take much imagination to see this as a critique of the ‘hit ’em first’ philosophy that governs western (and Russian) foreign policy. And Ledger will probably deserve the Oscar he’ll get as it is a tremendous performance (best as a nurse destroying a hospital) – a sad loss.

There’s been a debate about the certification. When the BBFC introduced the 12A (in response to Spiderman (2002), they should’ve retained the 12 for films such as this as it isn’t suitable for most children under 12. However I don’t see the problem with 12+ with an adult.

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  1. I think all film critics are being to harsh on it. It is a better film than Batman Begins, which is already fantastic. Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman and Aaron Eckhart are all terrific. The cinematography is spectacular and we finally have a summer in which films like The Mist and The Dark Knight have a brain in their head. The highlight of the film for me was the chase sequence with The Joker in the truck and the bat bike. Really great film, saw it in the cinema, then saw it in IMAX.

  2. I think it’s a good film, but I think it’s getting way to much hype from a lot of people, probably to do with Ledger’s death.
    But yes – it’s good.

  3. […] well I already said that re The Avengers. However I am an admirer of Christopher Nolan, and thought The Dark Knight was great, so I forfeited a few hours of my life again and was […]

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