Wall-E (US, 2008)

The trash aesthetic

The trash aesthetic

As you can see above, Wall-E looks terrific. It’s not just the landscape, the character’s worry about being conveyed across the solar system is indicated subtlely by his eyes and the film works so well, primarily, because of the characterisation. Much of the first half of the film is a ‘silent’ movie where we learn about the apocalyptic landscape of Earth in the future and this is rendered in stunning, and funny, detail.

Humans are represented as infantile and infantalisation is something that capitalism encourages by trying to create consumerist desires: we know we want something and we want it now. We are infantalised, also, in our understanding of the world. Currently Israel is kicking shit out of the Palestinians again but it’s a fair bet that less than 10% of the (western?) population understand the context of this war. The news headlines simply say ‘Israeli airstrikes… Hamas rocket attacks’ as if there’s some equality of violence. And most people won’t care.

As Wall-E suggests it is time to ‘wake up’ and take an interest in the world beyond the next consumer item we intend to buy or which celeb is cheating on who. Ignorance is not bliss it is stupid.

Happy New Year!


2 Responses

  1. It’s a great movie, beautiful visuals and an animation that really addresses the current state of the world and we are going to end up in a non patronising fashion. Great characterisation, which I think PIxar had lost after the last two films and really rip roaring story. My #4 of the year.

  2. As an animation fan i absolutely love this film (top 2 of the year). Its a great refreshing change in animation which at this point has only really come from smaller more artsy and independent features such as Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir (which i really want to see, dam those ratings!).

    Its also quite a strange film for Disney / Pixar to create as it isn’t as commercial as their previous efforts such as Cars and Ratatouille, which is for the better.

    The film is essentially two films in one. The first the set up between Wall-E & EVE where they only speak through limited bleeps and words such as “Wall-E”, “Eva”, “wow”, that’s basically it. Then there is the second section which is a full on sci-fi adventure though with its deeper meaning, which actually works. Its quite ironic that the film goes on about Commercialism but this doesn’t stop Disney producing a truck load of merchandise for it.

    The animation of cause is amazing with all the subtle details, on earth and in space. I had the chance to see a digital print of this at the cinema (much better than standard film or blu-ray) and it is so mind blowing and so realisic that along with the script long time Pixar writer Andrew Stanton you get immersed in to the film and forget your sitting in a dark room watching a family film.

    Wall-E Takes the genre of animated films onto another level that commercial animation hasn’t seen in a very long time (since the more artsy Fantasia’s). It was a huge risk for Disney/Pixar though it has payed of, resulting in one of my favourite films of the year. Rating: 5/5

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