American Graffiti (US, 1973)

Driving around in my car

Driving around in my car

How many films have ‘American’ in the title? I don’t know but I’d bet more than any other nation. Is it that Americans believe that they are so distinctive from the rest of us that they need to distinguish between them and us? To be fair, the ‘American’ in George Lucas’ second feature is valid as which other nation’s youth had so many cars?

Set in ’62 the film’s a teen movie that covers the final night before leaving for college. The music’s great but I did get bored of watching teens drive around in their cars. Lucas then went on to make Star Wars which, with a 3D version in the offing, he’s still doing.

Incidentally, Richard Dreyfuss (then about 25) plays a very credible teen; two years later he was the  grizzled scientist in Jaws!

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  1. Fantastic editing and a very fine soundtrack. After that there isn’t much more.

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