The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite, Germany-Turkey-Italy, 2007)

Love in a political world

Love in a political world

A film that uses interweaving narratives (which one blogger calls ‘implausible coincidences’ and so misses the point of melodrama) to suggest how ‘globalisation’ – in the sense of increased migration – has made the world a  smaller place. Focusing on the relationship between Germany and Turkey, and so the EC and an ‘eastern’ nation trying to join, Edge of Heaven mingles the personal (relationships between lovers and parents) with the political; the focus is on the former as the political conflict in Turkey (between Kurds and the government as well as secularists and Islamists) is a backdrop and  not explained.

Great to see Hannah Schygulla: the sexy Maria Braun now an equally charismatic matron. And, as a post on IMDB notes, portraying a lesbian relationship in Turkish cinema is a progressive act.

I didn’t find the film completely gripping but it does resonate afterwards so watch it.

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