Tropic Thunder (US-Germany, 2008)

No you're not funny

No you're not funny

Why is this film rubbish? Is it:

  • the representation of Laotians as simple, violent people?
  • Robert Downey’s mumbling so you can’t understand what he’s saying?
  • the non -development of the implications of Downey’s character blacking up?
  • the offensive representation of the agent’s son?
  • the cack-handed way the promising premise is developed?

All of these I think.


5 Responses

  1. First 10 minutes – hilarious. Downey Jr I think is really good but the rest of it is COMPLETE crap.

  2. You missed the most obvious reason of all. It has Tom Cruise in it. Says it all.

  3. tropic thunder rock
    i love how it was made it was awsome and the actors were the right pick that move was the best

  4. 1. Laotians are simple people. Violent, probably not, but it’s called creative license.
    2. Perhaps you’re deaf.
    3. Did you watch this movie?
    4. Offensive only to the overweight nerd segment of the population
    5. No.

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