Sex Traffic (UK-Canada, 2004)

In the thrall of men

In the thrall of men

Channel 4’s brilliant two-parter lays bare the mechanics of sex trafficking through three intertwined narratives: John Sim’s do-gooder NGO; a victim (brilliantly played by Anamaria Marinca); the capitalist ideology that creates the conditions for thousands of women being entrapped into sex slavery.

If the ending is slightly pat, at least the ‘happy-ever-after’ is compromised by the final shots, the film is important in bringing to attention this evil practice. This is what Channel 4 was made for: well crafted and politically challenging programmes.

I find John Sims too mannered but the rest of the cast are excellent and David Yates’ direction conveys the drama well; if if is a bit of a stylistic mish-mash. If you want more uncomfortable truths – and what’s the point living in ignorance? – then read Misha Glenny’s McMafia (2008).


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