New film and media site


The above is out later this month and I’ve decided to create a website in order to complement it, and my other, books. The site is intended to be useful for anyone interested in film and media so I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Tell me what you would like and I’ll see if I can do it. You can see what it looks like here and there’s a ‘contact’ button.


2 Responses

  1. Not to be offensive or anything but its a little bit dull to look at, if you were advertising for fish fingers or paper clips you still need to make an eye catching site, this can be done with a few simple things like a background image.

    Here’s my website

    As you can see its got a background image, not too large either only a few kb so it doesn’t slow the whole earth down when it loads. Ive also created a website for a local football group, you can see a screengrab (as the final page isn’t online yet) here

    Its a little more complex though its the same basic idea, i made it for a kids group so it contains bright colouring, my personal website is mainly aimed at a teenage and above audience (the majority of viewers are adult) so contains much subtler colours.

    You see it only takes a few things to actually make your website look great. If you need any help with it im happy to help, everyother weekend i end up fixing/desiging somebody elses website, it usually takes me half a day to come up with something.

    Anyway got to go, got a film festival to go to!
    From K. Birrane

    P.S: If you like a good horror film go see Let the right one in, you won’t be dissapointed (unless you hate horror then you probably just be agitated and annoyed)

    • Sorry, the comment got plonked in spam (no I wasn’t offended!). Appreciate your comments; guess I was trying to create the worst looking website on the net. Things have improved now though.

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