DVD menus

DVDs have been a boon for the film enthusiast: good sound and picture quality; cheap; a vast range of films available. But the bloody menus!

They often take nearly a minute to ‘load’; a minute spent ‘admiring’ the producers graphic animation skills and they can also spoil the film. For example, I saw the trailer for The Mist in the cinema; it was excellent because it set up the atmosphere of threat without giving away what it was. But last Saturday, whilst waiting for the menu to start, what should be shown but one of the bugs! Thus spoiling the atmospheric build up. Stupid!

In addition, this DVD insisted we watch trailers for crap like Disaster Movie (various button pressing did allow to skip them but the default should be the viewer chooses to watch) so you pay money for the disc and have promotional material rammed down your throat. The FACT campaign against piracy is terrible for this: its ads are terrible (I can’t imagine one ‘thief’ being converted) and they insist you watch it.

Anyone want to start a blog based campaign for DVDs that immediately load an animation-free menu offering what the disc’s got (including trailers)?


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  1. Its annoying on Blu-ray as well as they also have an advert stating how amazing blu-ray is, how much better the image and sound is and why you should buy blu.

    To be quite honest i already know how good Blu-ray is, THATS WHY I BOUGHT IT ON BLU-RAY NOT DVD, Yet you still get a three minute lecture before the film stating how good the films are, To be quite honest anybody with a decent pair of eyes and ears would be able to notice the difference!!!!!!!!

    There are many anti-dvd menu groups on Facebook that have been set up, here’s one of the more larger ones –> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?sid=6670598d82a7e8f6bfa44d7c162c0853&gid=30876687779&ref=search

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