Germany Year Zero (Germania anno zero, Italy, 1948)

As grim as it gets

As grim as it gets

Germany Year Zero was director Roberto Rossellini’s third World War II film and it followed Rome, Open City (1945) and Paisa (1946) in filming, on location, the ‘here and now’ of the end and aftermath of the war. While both use melodrama as much as realism, Germany Year Zero is probably the bleakest, which is fitting given the devastation visited upon the defeated Berlin. I was glad that the film runs only 70 mins (on DVD) as the graveyard scene at the start sets the tone and it gets progressively grimmer.

It would be interesting to compare the film with the noir The Third Man (UK, 1949) shot on location in Vienna, which I haven’t seen for some time. Whilst I admire the British film, compared to Rosselini’s portrayal of the degradation forced upon people by war simply ‘cuts to the chase’; or rather, it doesn’t bother with philosophy it simply shows the ‘state of things’ for the defeated nation.

Like Rome the use of location shooting is crucial to realist project, though unlike in De Sica’s work, most of the actors are professionals. The shots of the people looking at the camera as they get off a tram signifies the film’s authenticity in that it was obviously ‘there at the time’.

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