General Election

Vote for economic devastation

New Labour were desperately disappointing after blowing a chance, in 1997, to challenge the hegemony of free market capitalism. In a sense the opposition parties’ charge that the government is to blame for the recession is true as they didn’t regulate the financial markets as they should have done. However, the charge is really ludicrous as it suggests the British government was responsible for the worldwide recession. And if they had regulated the markets it’s quite likely the major players would have taken their business elsewhere; the private sector is clearly too powerful.

However Labour did introduce a minimum wage (inadequate it’s true but the Conservatives would never had done it) and, through public spending, they have managed to create jobs to ameliorate the effects of the recession. In the 1980s all the Conservative government had to say was that unemployment was ‘a price worth paying’. A price that the working classes had to pay for with the decimation of their manufacturing jobs and the communities they lived in. Cameron’s conservatives are no better than Thatcher’s and Clegg’s declaration that he’d work with Cameron before Brown indicates where the Liberal Democrat’s sympathies lie. If Labour are obliterated on Thursday the only left-leaning party in this country wil be marginalised and our democracy reduced to reactionary conservatism.

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