Drag Me to Hell (US, 2009)

Looney horror

Sam Raimi goes back to his Evil Dead (1981, 1987) roots with this film that owes as much to Looney Tunes as it does to the Gothic. I would have preferred the banks to have been the evil Other, rather than eastern European gypsies, however the loan officer protagonist is a sympathetic character as she weaves her way through the genre’s tropes to become (maybe) the Final Girl.

I’m finding CGI as a representational mode increasingly boring: ‘Yeah, yeah it’s the devil coming out of the ground’. However Raimi, and his co-script writer brother, use CGI as much for the gags as the spectacle and the eye-popping special effects are often just that: eyes popping. Undoubtedly this is the funniest horror movie I’ve seen mingling the ‘gross out’ (how many times does the weird old woman vomit into the protagonist’s mouth?!) with the cartoon set ups beloved off Looney Tunes; an anvil (yes, an anvil!) lands on the evil woman’s head.

There are also some great action sequences, such as the fight in the car, and unsettling use of shadows; the film also boasts great sound design that I’m sure was extremely effective in the cinema.

3 Responses

  1. drag me to hell is really good but too scary in special when Christine goes in the cemetery to unhearth the dead old woman

  2. hey i love this picture. i am doing a school project on this movie and i am gathering all the pictures that would go well with my work. Can i please use your picture. thank you

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