Skeletons (UK, 2010)

Rattling closets

After a summer when Hollywood seemed even more constipated than usual, writer-director Nick Whitfield’s debut feature is a wonderful blast of daftness and pathos. Mixing Dickian (ie Philip K) ‘reality’ with very English mundane humour (though the conversation between the protagonists does have a whiff of Tarantino), the film follows two characters who reveal what skeletons are in people’s closets. Its all done in a low budget-low tech way but Whitfield’s direction, aligned with an excellent sound design, more than adequately conveys the supernatural aspects of the narrative.

Narratively it is very interesting in that it approaches events tangentially, and it must be about 20 minutes into the film before it’s (er) clear what’s going on. The cast is uniformally excellent, featuring newcomers Andrew Buckley and Ed Gaughan as well as Jason Isaacs and Paprika Steen (from Festen).

If you’re interested in the imaginative and quirky go see Skeletons; a top class debut film.

Bechdel test: Fail (7/3)
Protagonist: Male (1/6)

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