Tamara Drewe (UK 2010)

Characters in search of a narrative

A heavily marketed, by poster at least, British film, that’s taken £1.5m in 10 days of its release, is hopefully going to be a good one. And there are several interesting characters but, unfortunately, Tamara herself isn’t one of them. It’s a peculiar narrative that can offer well-drawn, and engaging, characters and leave – this spectator at least – desperate for the end because I didn’t care.

Maybe class prejudice is at the root (I try to avoid it – a bit) so a film with the protagonist called Tamara is therefore bound to fail. Possibly the source material, a strip in The Guardian, is the cause; maybe the episodic nature failed to cohere into a narrative-driven feature film?

Bechdel test: Pass (13/7)
Protagonist: Female (6/10)
Lacey test: Pass (0/2)

One Response

  1. Nick, it’s shite. End of. Can’t believe the mainly positive press it’s got. Kermode’s the only one I’ve seen slag it. Saw it in July at the BFI conference, preceded by a toe curling live interview with a difficult and monosyllabic Stephen Frears.

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