Up (US, 2009)

The joy of living

Pixar is an extraordinary production company: how many mainstream films, aimed at a family audience, feature a cantankerous old man (well Secondhand Lions immediately springs to mind but you get my point)? And, brilliantly, pull off the pathos of age whilst celebrating the joi de vivre of youth? Add the homages to Looney Tunes, brilliant characterisations of dogs and wonderfully absurd visuals… well, you probably know how good it is already.

NB Bechdel tests:
It’s dawned on me that the way I’ve been counting whether films fail or pass the test is not as straightforward as it could be so, starting today, the tally will feature the number passed out of the number seen. For protagonists it will be number of females out of the total. The Lacey test is the reverse of the Bechdel test.
Bechdel test: fail 12/30
Protagonist: male 8/24
Lacey test: 12/12

In other words, of the last 30 films I’ve seen only 12 feature two named women discussing something other than men; 8 out of 24 films featured a female protagonist; every film, out of 12, featured two  named men discussing something other than women.

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