Films of the Year 2010

Film released last year

  1. Lebanon (Israel)
  2. A Single Man (US)
  3. The Secrets in Their Eyes (Argentina)
  4. Four Lions (UK)
  5. Skeletons (UK)
  6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Sweden)
  7. Made in Dagenham (UK)
  8. Inception (US)
  9. Toy Story 3 (US)
  10. The Ghost (UK)

Films seen this year

  1. La Boheme (Aus-Ger, 2008)
  2. Crash (US, 2004)
  3. Children of Men (UK, 2006)
  4. A History of Violence (US, 2005)
  5. The Children’s Hour (US, 1961)
  6. Singin’ in the Rain (US, 1952)
  7. On the Town (US, 1949)
  8. Before Sunset (US, 2004)
  9. Memento (US, 2000)
  10. The Orphanage (Spain, 2007)

Books of the year

  1. Medea, Euripedes
  2. One Day, David Nicholls
  3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, Steig Larsson
  4. Hearts and Minds, Amanda Craig
  5. The World’s Wife, Carol Ann Duffy
  6. Hedda Gabler, Ibsen
  7. Digimodernism, Alan Kirby
  8. Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Crude Oil, Peter Maas
  9. One Dimensional Women, Nina Power
  10. The Madman of Freedom Square, Hassin Blasim

Albums of the year

  1. Ceremony and Devotion – Music for the Tudors, The Sixteen
  2. Amandine Solace in Sore Hands
  3. Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances etc, Royal Liverpool PO – Petrenko
  4. The National High Violet
  5. The Soundcarriers Celeste
  6. Rumer, Seasons of My Soul
  7. Nneka No Longer At Ease
  8. Marina and the Diamonds, The Family Jewels
  9. These New Puritans Hidden
  10. Thea Gilmore, Murphy’s Heart

Live events of the year

  1. Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake
  2. All My Sons, Arthur Miller, Apollo Theatre, London
  3. Cirque du Soleil: Saltimbanco
  4. Dharorhar Project, Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons, St George’s Hall, Bradford
  5. La Boheme, Opera North
  6. Don McCullen exhibition at Imperial War Museum – Manchester
  7. David Nash, YSP
  8. Bellowhead, St George’s Hall, Bradford
  9. Lysistrata, Aristophanes, Actors of Dionysus
  10. Salsa Celtica, Victoria Hall – Saltaire

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