Imagine Me & You (UK, 2005)


I am gobsmacked I liked this film. It was sold as a romcom, a genre I usually dislike but this is much more romance than comedy, and featured upper middle class… …people. However… the generic spin of making the lovers – who are apart at the start – lesbian and the charisma of Lena Headey make this a good film. That doesn’t really cover it…

The film has irritating parents (Celia Imrie and Anthony Head) and ‘cute’ kid who knows everything… but I still liked it! I guess it might be little touches such as the  unreconstructed male, who abhors commitment, is not shown to ‘grow up’ but as the piece of bilge that he is.

The ridiculous climax, in a London traffic jam, with the beyond cliche kiss shot with a camera 360- degreeing around them… still didn’t put me off.

Okay. I give up.

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