Gamer (US. 2009)

Games with brains

This movie passed me by when it came out; I think I thought it to be a macho exploitation movie; it is but it’s also got brains. Given that much of the action is a game then the macho, first-person-shooter narrative is entirely valid but what Nevland/Taylor (producers/writers/directors) have done is use the genre of the exploitation film (there’s lots of blood, tits and ass edited so quickly that blink and you see the next one) to offer a moral panic about video games.

It’s probably my age but I think there are issues about the dehumanising impact of virtual reality that need airing. Certainly there should no banning of games (or Second Life, a version of which appears in the film) but when social messaging via mobile necessitates – for many young people – that their phone be a constant appendage, ‘analogue’ folk, such as myself, seek explanations.

The action of the film is full on, but mostly uninteresting; it’s the dystopian future that makes this an above the run-of-the-mill movie.

One Response

  1. Really nothing special here at all, and I wish it was actually watchable, but somehow this just takes the cake in being total and complete crap. Good Review!

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