Source Code (US-Fr, 2011)

Dickian reality

Philip K Dick adaptations are usually disappointing (the recent The Adjustment Bureau (US, 2011) certainly wasn’t bad but…) however this film, based on an original script by Ben Ripley, comes closest than most (all?) to rendering a Dickian universe. Groundhog Day meets The Manchurian Candidate might be a high concept formula of the film’s idea but is distinctive enough to offer its own take those films’ ideas.

Spoiler alert: the key Dick idea is reviving the dead, and the set design of Colter Steven’s (Gyllenhaal) ‘dead’ space is brilliant with it’s leaking walls and collapsing boundaries.

Duncan Jones directs expertly, the opening 10 minutes offer a particularly spectacular vision that demands to be seen in the cinema. The UK critics have gone ‘gaga’ over it – particularly the Guardian‘s Bradshaw’s 5/5; it’s not that good but it’s  well worth seeing.

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