Bridesmaids (US, 2011)

Anarchic women

A female-themed The Hangover (US, 2009)? Well, maybe; but it’s better. Better because it focuses on women, and written by a woman? No, because it’s funnier. Daft questions but gender has stuck to discussion of this film. I’m not sure the gender question is particularly important regarding the film, but it does tell us a lot about Hollywood’s sexism that it’s so rare that female talent is given a chance to shine.

The film’s produced and directed by men, but Kristen Wiig (above), who stars and scripts, is the prime creative force. I thoroughly enjoyed the numerous comic set pieces that often veered into bad taste territory; the film has an anarchic streak that is immensely appealing. At the film’s heart, however, are the relationships between the women; just as the buddies are the focus of male-themed comedies.

So here’s a real challenge: make a comedy (or film for that matter) that treats both sexes equally!

It's pink but not putrid

I must admit that my first glimpse of the poster made me feel ill. However I wasn’t close enough to see the characters’ expressions. We do seem to living through a horrendously sexist era that the excess of pink was enough to put me off. It’s worth mentioning Rose Byrne, as the brittle control freak; she also appears in X-Men: First Class with an entirely different character – great acting.