Hanna (US-UK-Ger, 2011)

Not a phallic symbol

This excellent movie has the feel of a graphic novel (it isn’t) in its playfulness. I like the frail protagonist who’s looking for her origins; so often an Oedipal-narrative for a male. There are numerous set piece action sequences (including a long take steadicam fight that must have CGI in it somewhere), great humour (Jessica Barden’s Sophie) and supporting actors (Olivia Williams and Jason Flemyng). Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana are their usual ‘full value’ and Saoirse Ronan has enough charisma to carry  off the lead. Tom Hollander contributes a wonderful off-kilter heavy.

Joe Wright directs with plenty of panache, from the striking first shot of swans, and there’s a great score from the Chemical Brothers. This wasn’t well received, I guess the mixture of tones baffled some. I enjoyed its spinning of old tropes.

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