Carnage (Fr-Ger-Pol-Sp, 2011)

OMG my handbag!

What’s the point in filming a play? Shakespeare’s robust enough to take virtually anything but a one-set, four-hander…? Well, you get to cast Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet; not to mention John C Reilly. And they are a treat; particularly Winslet: an arched eyebrow is enough to convey her annoyance at her husband’s use of his mobile phone. But is that sufficient?

It would have been if the play had lived up to its billing: carnage. However there just wasn’t enough of it. It was meant to be skewering bourgeois pretensions, (particularly liberal) but at the film’s fade out I assumed there’d be a second act when things would really get serious.

There wasn’t.

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