My Week with Marilyn (UK-US, 2011)

It is Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is superb as Marilyn Monroe, as she was when shooting The Prince and the Showgirl (UK-US, 1957); Kenneth Branagh is no slouch as the director-star Laurence Olivier either. The only thing that Williams lacks, as Monroe, is the voluptuous curves; other than that, it is an entirely convincing portrayal.

She’s particularly good at Monroe’s insecurities in front of camera. Marilyn was a notoriously unreliable actor, in her final years, and this film does give an insight into how her vulnerability affected her behaviour. Despite all this, I disliked the film. Why?

It’s based on Colin Clark’s memoir who got a job with Olivier’s film company because of the silver spoon in his mouth (dad was Kenneth of Civilisation fame). Sure, that’s the way it was but it still nauseates me. Come to think of it, it’s still like that. Getting a foot on the film industry ladder often requires working for nothing so you need mummy and daddy to support you. Class is the great British divide.

Oh, and let’s reinforce it shall we by reducing the income tax for those who earn over £150k in today’s budget. And let’s attack the deficit by reducing corporation tax; brilliant! That will mean welfare payments will have to be reduced, but hey! who cares about the poor? They get what they deserve!

Excuse me while I puke.

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  1. […] did realise that Michele Williams is a superb actor, she was by far the best thing in My Week with Marilyn, and had excelled in Meek’s Cutoff, but I was unprepared for her brilliance in Take This […]

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