Headhunters (Hodejegerne, Norway-Ger, 2011)

‘What do I do with this?’

This is the second time I’ve been to a multiplex to see a subtitled movie this year; hats off to Showcase again. And there’s absolutely no reason why this film shouldn’t play to a mass audience as it barrels along at a fantastic pace, including a gruesome shit scene and a hilarious ‘dogged impaled on a tractor’ moment. Of course, many let the writing at the bottom of the screen put them off.

The distributors hope that the relative popularity of Scandinavian fiction on British television, such as The Killing and Borgen, will stimulate demand in cinemas for similar fare. It opened with a reasonable £500k at the box office, but the crunch will be the midweek figures as the ‘subtitled’ viewing audiences are less likely to show at multiplexes at the weekend.

I can thoroughly recommend Headhunters as long as you don’t mind wildly implausible plot points. As I said, the film’s pace is such that they really don’t matter. Beautifully shot, there’s some stunning locations, and well acted; let’s hope this heralds a more adventurous UK audience. Don’t worry, unlike the dog, the subtitles won’t bite!

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