The Inbetweeners (UK, 2012)

Stretching out onto the big screen

There is a history of transferring British TV successes onto the big screen only to find they lose the quality that made them popular in the first place. There is a real challenge in turning a 23-minute per episode sitcom into a hour and a half feature. Clearly the box office suggests that The Inbetweeners in the cinema was a massive success, it grossed over £41m, but the appreciation rating on imdb tells a different story: 8.6 plays 6.9. This was the lads’ swansong after all, so there was little point in being snobby and not going to the cinema even though you knew it couldn’t be as good as the brilliant series.

There’s not a lot to say: one episode is stretched into a holiday on Crete and the script manages to retread all the tropes we expect, Simon getting naked for example. The success of the series was based around, like most sitcom, what is the most ridiculous situation can we get the protagonists into? However, the original ‘had a heart’; even the obnoxious Jay was shown to be vulnerable. That quality is in the movie too. So, overall, a terrific success story for both British TV and cinema.


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