Avengers Assemble (US, 2012)

The $1bn question?

What’s the point? $1bn and counting… I hereby declare I am too old to review ‘popcorn’ movies as I’ve seen too many of them. That’s not to say this is a bad movie, just when you get north of 50 there are many better ways of spending three hours of your life.

3 Responses

  1. […] was critically praised so maybe I don’t get it  but I was desperate for it to end. Maybe – see Avengers post – ennui has got a grip and I need to start doing something other than watching […]

  2. […] need to stop watching Hollywood blockbusters… well I already said that re The Avengers. However I am an admirer of Christopher Nolan, and thought The Dark Knight was great, so I forfeited […]

  3. […] terrifying how the Marvel sequels are out-grossing their predecessors powered by last year’s The Avengers. I can see why studio execs are thinking franchises are the only game in town. Disney, which owns […]

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