The Shock Doctrine (UK, 2010)

Well, it’s certainly not working for the people

Naomi Klein’s book (2008), of the same name, is a brilliant analysis of how free market economics has destroyed democracies and the lives of millions of people for  the benefit of corporations and the pigs that run them. This documentary is an entirely effective run through of her arguments, with the added benefits of actuality footage. Klein’s book is brilliantly researched and extensively annotated; no one would think it was simply a product of left wing dogma (well, no one without a prejudiced viewpoint). So it’s dispiriting that, after the Great Recession that started in the year of the book’s publication, politicians can still speak with approval of the ‘free market’, the economic ‘system’ that created the crisis in the first place.

Free markets can only exist in theory as they require that everyone in that market must have access to all the available information, otherwise the market won’t operate properly. That isn’t possible and the only reason the Friedman’s (and Hayek’s before him) ideas have thrived for so long is that they serve those in power: hence the rich get richer etc. What’s mind boggling is that a majority of the  ‘people’ seem to accept the need for ‘austerity’; that is, we pay for the mistakes of the rich! Hopefully, in the UK, Osborne’s entirely economically inept, if ideologically honest, budget will serve as a watershed and this hegemony will fail.

Watching The Shock Doctrine will help in that; better still read the book too.

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