Ill Manors (UK, 2012)

Not about rich kids

It was with trepidation I sat down to watch Plan B’s feature film debut, which he directed and scripted, after the negative reviews I’d seen. However, though it sprawls across 121 minutes it’s never boring and even if the narrative might’ve been tightened by a more experienced writer, Ben Drew has still produced a striking debut.

In recent posts (see Kill List and Dead Man’s Shoes) I’ve commented upon the difficulty of mixing realism with generic conventions. Drew does the same, though more successfully. What appears, in the first hour or so of the film, to be a collection of ‘slices of life’ on an East London Estate, turns out to be a melodrama that contrives to weave these strands into an unlikely – if typically melodramatic – web. Melodrama and realism are antithetical and maybe it’s this jarring combination that has put many off; certainly it’s not garnered much support at the box office.

Another ‘off-putting-on-paper’ aspect is the interpolation of music video sequences. However, these are used particularly well as they fill-in the characters’ back stories and Plan B’s music (he’s unsurprisingly in hip hop rather than soul mode here) is excellent. Dorian Lynskey has proclaimed the film’s title track as the best protest song for years and the video that accompanied it was similarly powerful. Its righteous, and rightful, anger probably won’t burst bourgeois complacency but that’s hardly Plan B’s fault.


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  1. […] upon the underclass. The subaltern (the underclass) is often absent in a nation’s cinema, Ill Manors is one recent example in Britain which worked in a similar way to Bad Guy in enabling the audience […]

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