The Dark Knight Rises (US, 2012)

Men fighting

I need to stop watching Hollywood blockbusters… well I already said that re The Avengers. However I am an admirer of Christopher Nolan, and thought The Dark Knight was great, so I forfeited a few hours of my life again and was bored…

The Nolan brothers, the film’s co-scripted by Chris’ sibling Johnathan, are adept at placing contemporary references into the Batman universe. In The Dark Knight this was through the use of torture, the Bush administration’s interrogation technique. In Rises the destruction that bankers have wrought is included. ‘People’s justice’ is meted out to them but, and this firmly places the film in Frank Miller’s right wing world, the judge, malevolently played by Cilian Murphy, is clearly shown to be several screws short of a full brain. Yes there’s the schadenfreude of seeing those who remain untouchable in the real world being punished but aren’t we meant to be relieved when batman, inevitably, regains his manhood and restores the status quo? Thus the punishment becomes wrong. Well that’s wrong, these bastards that have screwed the economies around the world for their personal gain should pay (with time not their lives).

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