Drive (US, 2011)

Car man

Maybe I shouldn’t’ve watched this film; I don’t understand cars. I can drive a car but the cyborg-like interface of feet-pedals and hands-steering/gears doesn’t thrill me. I watch boys – young men – rev their engines and pretend they’re Jeremy Clarkson weaving through the Bradford rush hour with incomprehension; undertaking becomes the norm. So I shouldn’t have watched this film as it’s inducing fogeyism. But I did…

…and was faced by another inarticulate male who can’t look the girl he fancies (a wasted Carey Mulligan) in the eye because real men only need women to have sex; the rest is propaganda. But, despite being a stuntman, Ryan Gosling’s Driver (that’s his name – must be an existential movie like Walter Hill’s The Driver, 1978; didn’t like that either) is sensitive but only feels at home behind the wheel. He doubles not only stunts, but as a getaway driver who will only wait five minutes; he weighs up the risks.

Maybe we weren’t supposed to admire him, after all this is an indie film but I just felt an overwhelming disappointment that I’d wasted my existence on the thing.

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  1. […] an aside, I recently watched Only God Forgives (2013, Den-Thailand-Fr-US-Swe) which, along with Drive and The Place Beyond the Pines (US, 2012), showed Gosling doing his inarticulate (maybe […]

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