Argo (US, 2012)

Ah go...

Ah go…

This is a competently made thriller based on a great true story of the Tehran ‘hostage crisis’ at the start of the 1980s. However, best film of the year (Oscars)?! Best director (BAFTA)?! Ah go…

I couldn’t see anything special which is not to say it isn’t very well done. I found Affleck too wooden in the lead and the ‘back story’ (if such a flimsy plot line can be called that) of his character being estranged from his family was risible. There have been, justifiable, complaints that Iranians are portrayed one-dimensionally villains (housekeeper excepted); there’s even a self-conscious line in the script about Orientalism. On the other hand, the prelude doesn’t mince words about why many Iranians hate both America and Britain with our oil-based coups in the 1950s.

Strikingly Affleck’s character, in order to be trusted, says his real name is Tony Marquez. During the credits we get to see the real people and, yes!, Antonio Marquez is Hispanic. Now if a Hispanic had been cast in the lead then maybe the film would’ve deserved an award.

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