Weekend (UK, 2011)

A love story?

A love story?

This is a rare feature because although its protagonists are gay it isn’t really a ‘gay film’. By that I mean, the narrative isn’t primarily linked to the characters’ sexuality. The leads, brilliantly played by Tom Cullen and Chris New, meet in a bar one Friday night and the film follows them as their relationship develops over the weekend. Andrew Haigh’s direction is good too, using long takes often simply watching one character even if the action isn’t centred upon him. Excellent cinematography as well, by Urszula Pontikos.

It’s true that a story about ‘coming out’ is included in the narrative but, that apart, the emotions of the couple could be  experienced by anybody. I’m not suggesting that ‘gay’ films should belong in a ghetto, or otherwise; simply that it is heartening that the issue of sexuality isn’t key. When prejudice against gay folk is erased there will be no such thing as ‘gay movies’ anyway!

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