Before Midnight (US, 2013)



This is likely to be a brief post as anyone who’s enjoyed the first two films (Before Sunset here) about Celine and Jesse will have to see this one. An extremely episodic narrative, Linklater’s (and Delpy and Hawke’s) films track three days, over 18 years, of two characters. I say characters but so vivid are the leads’ performances they do almost transcend the screen to be ‘real’. These guys are about 10 years younger than me and their experiences of love, and life, are extremely convincing.

I’m not going to give away where these two are in their relationship (or even if they have one). If you haven’t seen the earlier films, I urge you to do so and then catch this one. I’m not exactly hankering after a fourth, however, as that’ll probably appear when I’m in my sixties!

One film buff note: there’s an astonishing – in terms of performance – 14-minute take early in the film. This is great film-making at the service of script and performance.

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