A year with Ludwig

It’s 250 years since Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth this year and so is an excuse to immerse myself in what’s left of him.


Am reading this

Have now read it; quite brilliant. Insightful into the man and the music. You get a clear sense of what a colossus Beethoven was and is. The final pages on his deathbed are moving.

‘Original’ instruments version

Sophie Kauer & Alison Rhind and then Corinna Boylan and Andrew Quartermain both playing the 4th cello sonata.


Fantastic performance of the Op131 by the Elias String Quartet; also the third Rasumovsky.

Yeol Eum Son in athletic performance of the ‘Emperor’ concerto with the Liverpool Phil under Andrew Manze.

Started on this:



I remember listening to the 6th and my Dad explaining what it was about; my first memory of Beethoven. Maybe I was 6?


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