Better Mus’ Come (Jamaica, 2010)

Couldn't be worse

Couldn’t be worse

Jamaican film made a rare and welcome appearance on the BBC earlier this year with this powerful film made by Storm Saulter and Paul Bucknor; well they directed, produced, edited, wrote and shot it between them. A prodigious effort that tells a story of the infamous extra-judicial killings of the Green Bay Massacre in 1978; the army set up and shot supporters of the opposition Labour Party. Although the narrative is sometimes sightly confused (well I was, it could be a cultural misunderstanding or that it was late) there’s no denying the power of the film. Storm, as he’s known on the credits, directs and films well using the bright colours of the Jamaica to contrast with the extreme poverty of the slums.

The largely amateur cast, well I assume so as they have appeared in few, if any, other films, do well and Sheldon Shepard is a convincing protagonist as the gang leader who wants to ‘go straight’. There are also hints of a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ‘across the tracks’ love story and if the narrative is somewhat cliched this doesn’t detract because the setting is so unusual.