Culture from 2019

February ’19

Liverpool Philharmonic – Varga, Liverpool

Great afternoon programme with Kristóf Baráti playing Mozart’s ‘Turkish’ concerto, which followed Haydn’s 49th. The orchestra swelled in part two for Wagner’s Faust Overture and Hary Janos by Kodaly. Could have done without conductor Gilbert Varga’s ‘old man’ flirting with the first violin.

Fitzwilliam Quartet, Howard Assembly Rooms – Leeds

Great programme that highlighted Beethoven’s ‘Harp’ quartet and Shostakovich’s Octet. I’d never heard the latter but it was played so well they encored the second movement.


Dark Pines, Will Dean
Transcription, Kate Atkinson
Studying Ida, Sheila Skaff

January 2019

Schubert: String quartets 14 & 9, Chiaroscuro Quartet
Suzanne Farrin: Dolce la morte
Stravinsky: Petrushka, Mariisky Orch – Gergiev
Nneka, My Fairy Tales
The Willows, Through the Wild
Lisa O’Neill, Heard a Long Gone Song

Embers of War, Gareth L Powell
Defender, GX Todd

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