Gilda (US, 1946)

Classic noir. Homoerotic subtext and Rita Hayworth’s sultry performance make this a must (watch Hayworth’s first appearance). Some great use of silhouettes. (DVD, 2)

Pickup on South Street (US, 1953)

A B-movie Sam Fuller classic noir. Ostensibly a Cold War thriller but focuses more on the relationship between the borderline psychotic (Richard Widmark) and tough but vulnerable ‘broad’ (Jean Peters). Thelma Ritter does her great character act. (DVD, 2)

D.O.A. (US, 1950)

Interesting noir; good use of location shooting (including LA’s Bradbury building that featured in Blade Runner) and the trademark labyrinthine plot. Some shoddy performances in the minor roles but Edmund O’Brien’s good in the lead. Spends a lot of time establishing him as an ordinary guy who gets more than what’s coming to him for straying into the big city (some embarrassing ‘whoopees’ on the soundtrack as he ogles women). Good B movie. (Cable).